The Original Sound of the 40-50's


                                  P R E S E N T S               The Original Sound of the 40-50's

"M U S I C   A T   T H E   H A N G A R" 

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    SGT WILSON's AIRFORCE SHOW®         Original Sound of the 40's and 50's. 

                    P r e s e n t s  
    "MUSIC at the HANGER"     
About the Show: We take you back to the romantic Nostalgic time of the 40-50"s with our Vintage Theater Music Production "Music at the Hangar"  Evergreens for ever a complete Airforce show in the Hangar!!  With Peggy Donna Rose and Sgt. Wilson on the road again With the original sound of the 40 and the 50's

Remember Glenn Miller, the swing of the Andrews Sisters, Doris Day, Rosemary Clooney, Frankie Lane, Vera Lynn and many others. 

Imagine the Scenery of an old hangar with a Old Plane!
We ship the whole scenery Sound Light Equipment and special effects all the way from the Netherlands Word Wide! 

Equipment: We ship our own Sound system, light equipment, Scenery and transportation World wide! take a look at our equipment

International: Sgt. Wilson's Army- Airforce Show® (Tourplanners Foundation) specializes in producing English speaking/singing productions worldwide. We stage tours annually throughout various countries like Italy, Switzerland, Greece, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Liechtenstein, Scandinavian countries, and Canada Annually 120 shows Word Wide. Tour Schedule



Oct. 14th till Dec. 16th 2019

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